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In attending two of the Journeys of Transformation, I found Mahmud to be sensitive, warm and gentle. He is perceptive and intuitive and he helps individuals uncover that which is keeping them blocked from having a rich and full life. One thing I found to be quite unique about Mahmud is that he truly teaches both in words and actions that a person has their own answers. Although he facilitates the process he does not control it. It has a life of its own and he uses his gifts and counselling skills to help individuals achieve life-altering breakthroughs. On a personal note, I found my process emerged from my unconscious mind and it was quite a surprise and enabled me to release a huge amount of pent-up emotion and hurt.
- Christie D., Professional Counsellor

These workshops have helped me make major shifts emotionally and spiritually. The support of the group has helped me see myself more clearly and also to experience love both from myself and others.
- Cathy M., College Instructor Creative Writing

Mahmud has made an art form of melding compassion with many different theoretical models. He blends spontaneity with humour and patience, and he follows with precision and acute attention to the personal process of each participant.
- Jo W., M.A., Therapist/Writer

In the context of the workshops, I was able to explore in safety with the masterful guidance of Mahmud, issues which had previously been inaccessible to me and to begin the process of healing that has transformed my life. I also learned the rudiments of skills which I continue to develop and apply in all of my relationships, both personal and professional, to the enhancement of my life and practice.
- Don F., Lawyer

Mahmud's non-hierarchical structure and gentle leadership supports the group in learning to effectively deal with the differences that arise when a diverse group of people are encouraged to openly express feelings.
- Ronaye M., Co-Housing Development Consultant

Gripped by the power of the moment, I can vividly recall the "Journeys of Transformation" that have started from a single step. Sitting within a living circle simply speaking and witnessing personal truths, I have travelled to places I could not have imagined.
- Dr. Loki J., Scientist


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