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From early on, there was a sense
that I could share my deepest and darkest self and still be met with compassion and empathy. Mahmud's unassuming and trusting demeanor seems to be more than a therapeutic technique. Rather, I would describe it as a still presence that invites me to explore myself with more patience and to go more deeply than I normally would. The results have been powerful!

What sets Mahmud's Trust-Oriented Therapy apart from other therapies I have experienced is that he has complete faith and trust in my process and where I am at any given time. This acts as encouragement and models for me how I might be able to be with the most challenging parts of myself.

Mahmud's approach is non-directive and non-interpretive. The meaning derived from my experience in therapy is generated from within me rather than from the therapist. From an authentic place he acknowledges my strengths, often ones that I don't notice in myself and I am gently encouraged to stay with my experience yet supported if I choose to not push my boundaries beyond what is manageable.
- K.S, Vancouver, BC

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