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Testimonials from Counsellors -
Supervision and Mentorship Group

Mahmud Nestman has truly been my inspiration and mentor for the last 4 years. I have been blessed to experience learning from Mahmud in so many ways. What I have learned is foundational to my existence on this planet, both personally and professionally. He has impacted my life in ways that are difficult to put into words. However, his way of being and working with everyone encourages and supports me to grow and be the best I can be. Trust-Oriented Therapy is the foundation for my counselling practice and through it I have learned to really trust everyone's, including my own, inner wisdom and knowledge. Mahmud's way of facilitating someone's process to unfold like a blossoming flower that knows that it must grow to become fully whole, is truly a spiritual event. I have learned, healed and grown under the trusting facilitation of Mahmud whom I can only describe as a true leader of the heart.
- Mheyah B., RPCC.

Learning Trust-Oriented Therapy from Mahmud is learning Mahmud's way of being in the world - a deeply centered and trusting way of being that has facilitated magical connection with myself and others. Mahmud has been a living magnet drawing forth my soul, and I am forever grateful for his training and mentorship.
- David C. RPC, North Vancouver, BC

I really enjoyed the way the group was structured so that I had tons of hands-on experience and practice. I experienced Mahmud as being very present, knowledgeable, professional and prepared - exceeding my expectations. Mahmud's ability to deal with challenging situations always made me feel safe and allowed me to go deeper into my own personal growth process.
- Pablo L., Certified Life Coach and
Professional Counsellor, Vancouver, BC

In the warm group environment, facilitated by Mahmud and nurtured by the other counselors, the opportunity to grow emotionally, professionally and spiritually, emerged. I was lovingly challenged and supported fully by Mahmud and my peers in a safe environment. Being able to witness on video what was working in my sessions with clients (and often what was not), was a precious and rare gift to me as a therapist. Deep bonds formed as group members offered and received feedback from one another. Mahmud's mentoring and supervision helped me develop and enhance my own personal counselling style, using the Trust-Oriented approach.
- Karleen N. RPC, Vancouver, BC

It is with a new, quiet confidence that I can recommend Mahmud Nestman for counsellor supervision and mentorship. Mahmud tended to each supervisee with individual care and quietly offered to us the very best example possible of our profession. I learned so much from our supervision - and as much again from just being part of this, the most incredible year in my development as a counsellor. The opportunity to learn was wide open and I grew strong in such fertile ground. The ultimate proof of Mahmud's art came toward the end of our year when Mahmud was absent for a day and we were able to continue our work seamlessly without him. I can think of no better preparation for counselling than a year or two of Mahmud's brilliant supervision and mentorship.
- Julie T. RPC, Victoria, BC

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